Uniting the Heart of Trucking in the Midwest

our mission goes beyond wheels on the road. We’re here to unite, empower, and advance the trucking industry through meaningful connections, collaborative efforts, and relentless innovation.

Our Mission

At META, our mission is crystal clear – to forge a unified and empowering community within the trucking industry. We are committed to driving the standards of safety, efficiency, and professionalism in every aspect of transportation. 

Our Vision

Imagine a future where the trucking industry is not just about logistics but a dynamic, innovative, and responsible transportation pillar. Through dedication to excellence and the welfare of our members, we aim to foster a business-friendly environment that champions success, and sustainability.

Our Commitment

In a rapidly evolving world, META is committed to leading the trucking industry towards a sustainable and responsible future. We embrace green technologies, promote eco-friendly practices, and advocate for policies that support environmental stewardship. 

Get Involved

Ready to drive the future of trucking together? Explore how you can join META through membership, partnerships, or volunteering. Our community is growing, and there’s a place for you here.

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Why Join META?

Embrace the opportunity to be part of an alliance that’s moving the trucking industry forward. Whether you want to connect, grow, or make a difference, META is your platform for success. Join us today and help shape the future of trucking in the Midwest.

Joining META means becoming part of a forward-thinking alliance that values each member’s contribution toward collective success. Here’s why you should consider joining us:

  • Community and Networking: Connect with industry peers, share insights, and build lasting relationships.
  • Innovation and Support: Access resources and initiatives to foster innovation and support your business’s growth.
  • Advocacy and Voice: Stand with an alliance that advocates for your interests and contributes to shaping industry standards and policies.

Vessela Barzeva

M.E.T.A treasurer & co Founder


Empower Your Trucking Journey with META

Joining the Midwest Euro Truck Alliance (META) opens the door to a wealth of opportunities designed to propel your business and personal growth in the trucking industry. Discover how META can be your partner in navigating the road ahead, offering unparalleled benefits in education, networking, and exclusive industry events.

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Our Community Grows When we Stick Together

Advance Your Skills

Our educational resources cover a wide range of topics, from operational efficiency and safety standards to innovative technology solutions in transportation. Enhance your expertise and keep your skills sharp with META.

Expand Your Network

Whether you’re looking for business partners, seeking advice, or sharing your own experiences, META’s network is an invaluable resource for building relationships that matter.

Team Priorities

At the Midwest Euro Truck Alliance (META), our team embodies a spirit of unity and dedication, setting the stage for a thriving trucking community. Emphasizing collaboration, we share insights and solutions that propel us forward.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

META members enjoy exclusive access to a calendar of industry events, including conferences, trade shows, and webinars. 

Who are we & What we do

Shaping the Industry Together

Engage with the Future of Trucking: Events and Advocacy

Influence and Innovation

Our events serve as a critical platform for dialogue, collaboration, and advocacy

Key Topics and Discussions

At META, we focus on organizing events that tackle the most pressing issues facing our industry

Making a Difference Together

Beyond the roads, our commitment extends to fostering a positive impact within the communities we serve

Collaboration for a Better Future

The involvement of government institutions in our events underscores the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Interested in hosting an event? Contact Us!

If you’re interested in hosting an impactful trucking industry event and need our expertise and resources, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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