Nick Angelov

Nick Angelov

Vice President & CO FOUNDER

With over 13 years of experience in the trucking industry, I am a seasoned expert in trucking marketing, software, and recruiting. Having worked closely with hundreds of logistic companies, I specialize in streamlining and optimizing hiring and operational processes.

As an entrepreneur, I am passionate about investing in and developing business ideas. Additionally, I have organized over 100 events of various types and actively engage in charitable campaigns and voluntary work to support communities.

Throughout my career, I have cultivated a vast network of relationships with executives, politicians, journalists, and more. I am eager to leverage my expertise and connections to make META a valuable resource for trucking companies of all sizes, helping them achieve their goals.

Personal Statement

With over 13 years in trucking marketing, software, and recruiting, I’ve dedicated my career to optimizing operations and fostering growth in the industry. As an entrepreneur and community advocate, I leverage my vast network and expertise to drive positive change. I’m excited to bring my passion and connections to META, empowering trucking companies of all sizes to achieve their goals.